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Cancer (astrology)

Expect a surge of activity in work and business matters. Your money situation begins to get better and better. A new job promises financial gains and a chance to show case your skills. If single, you may find yourself getting quite a bit of attention. Travel may be necessary this month.

Or you may find yourself making a number of short trips for some work. Bureaucracy and red tape may get frustrating at times, but just hang in there. Learn to operate in a new way and develop more strength of will. An unpleasant confrontation with a family member or a friend will get resolved.

Know that it will happen.

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Someone or something may inspire you and give you new hope in your life and affairs. Things are working out in your favour. Just have faith. And know things will get better with time. A good period to do something for your soul, you may like to try alternative healing, or enroll in some classes which uplift your soul.

Pay attention to what is not being said to you. Financial gains are indicated, and more is ahead. As long as you keep believing in yourself you know that nothing and nobody can stop you from living your dream. People around you will be friendly and supportive and you may get unexpected news or assistance. In terms of your personal life, single Librans may get wooed by a younger admirer. Enjoy the attention, you deserve it.

A critical period has begun for you professionally. You may meet some important contacts or be involved in high level discussions. Open your mind to different points of view and know that all these experiences are going to add to your success later on. We don't say you should end up on the bench with a life sentence, but it suffices if you say something that you can regret forever or at least till the end of And that can happen right now.

Sagittarius, if you will feel the explosion of anger is near, we definitely recommend you to go for a run, to play drums and or to chop a pile of wood with an axe. Destroy and create. Capricorn, these are two keywords of the February horoscope that will determine the rhythm for you. This month Capricorn will complete something big and at the same time you have to figure out where to go for the rest of next essential step. It is time to enjoy first class design, development projects, but also time to destroy and forget all the old and useless garbage. Capricorn should take more than one long hot relaxing bath to free his or her mind and lighten the body.

Imagine that you meditate in the blooming garden. Only in the ideal harmony you will find the right ideas. In February, take a look at your wardrobe and everything you have not put on for more than two years, please give all that to charity. The horoscope also encourages Capricorn to be cautious of infidelity.

Being seduced will be easier than ever. Aquarius, February will raise some fundamental questions. It can concern your children, health, or aging parents. The horoscope suggests that you will have to accept the fact that the glass is better half-full than half-empty. In other words, nothing is ideal, but you need to enjoy the little you have rather than lamenting about all what you still do not have. Probably you will never taste the boring life a billionaire, such as an oil tycoon who is idle on a ranch in Texas. But unlike him or her, you know much more about true life.

February may show that a strong wind can break down trees, or that sweet though cooked fruit is sometimes wormy. But you can handle these and similar problems. In February Aquarius should gather strength for the whole Seek harmony! Pisces, according to the horoscope February will be like a bouncing ball maybe a boomerang.

If you thought that some of the problems could simply be creased like paper and thrown in a basket, February will convince Pisces that many of them can come back, just like a rubber ball. Pisces, you have simply to accept that solving complicated problems is a challenge for a lifetime. Just like the Eastern philosophy says that the path is a goal, according to the horoscope, Pisces should figure out that life is also like a book in which you turn only one page every day. The year is not a shopping leaflet that you would flip through in few minutes. February will ideally prepare Pisces for such understanding of the world.

The Full Moon on the 12th could bring important news about your career. This could be an offer — or an ending. Be ready to pivot if need be. Fighting can escalate with loved ones when Mars roars into your 4th house. Simple misunderstandings could get explosive.

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Again: if the whole crew is busy tackling housework, the feuds will be minimized. Mercury is direct on the 20th, and suddenly the communication begins to ease up — just in time for Thanksgiving! Better yet, romance gets even hotter when the Sun illuminates possibilities for courting and date nights starting on the 22nd. You may be getting more snuggle time as the temps cool! Your charm is on full display at work beginning on the 25th when Venus enters your 6th house.

Tarot Reading for February 12222 by Mita Bhan

The weeks that follow will allow you to win everyone over to your side. The New Moon on the 26th is most excellent for Leos who wish to expand their families. If you have been thinking of having a child, this is the green light to get busy! Neptune will be direct on the 27th, heightening your intuition, especially about money matters.


If you feel some type of way about any investments, follow your gut. Virgo: Feeling exhausted this month, dear Virgo?

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While the Sun has been giving you lots of mental energy, your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde, which makes it hard to process information and communicate. You have a keen mind, but this vibe seems to distract you. Staying grounded will be a challenge. But do not despair — things ease up on the 20th when Mercury stations direct. Until that time, slow down, keep lists, and practice mindfulness. Venus is sitting pretty in your 4th house, making this month superb for decorating the home for the holidays.

The Full Moon on the 12th is your cue to finish up academic projects — or to take a trip.

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If you can go away around that time, it might be an excellent way to indulge your wanderlust. Of course, the Mercury retrograde might make things a bit bumpy, so make sure you carve in extra time. Your mental energy starts to rev up when Mars bolts into your 3rd house.

Travel issues begin to subside, making it easy to head out for the holidays if you want. But the Sun in your domestic sector may make hosting the festivities at your crib a better option. Romantic opportunities begin to arrive, starting on the 25th. Venus will be slipping into your 5th house at that time, so do keep an eye out for flirty moments.

Whether you are single or partnered, this could certainly add some fun as starts to close down.

Cancer Horoscope for November 12222

The New Moon on the 26th is your day to clear the air with a loved one — or to begin setting the stage for an epic feast. This will give you the edge in all of your relationships, especially romantic ones. Hang tight to your money and do what you can to keep that revenue flowing. Watch out for the Full Moon on the 12th. It hits your 8th house and could bring a fiscal wake-up call.

This could be an unexpected bill or news that seems to put your security in question.

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In your enthusiasm to do something you different, you may start off with a bang but run out of steam half way. Virgo Horoscope Today: November 8, You'll be easily distracted once Mars arrives in your fun zone on October 3rd, but fortunately on the same day intelligent Mercury arrives in your everyday work zone, bringing satisfaction from doing your job well. Expect a surge of activity in work and business matters. Use the Saturn-Neptune sextile on November 8th to smooth any discord by sharing secrets with your sweetheart. More peaceful than last year but also more internal, promises plenty of revelations of the most personal kind and more than a generous helping of good luck when you need it the most , Cancer. If you sense that a change of direction is needed, then follow your gut instinct.

The more alert and action-oriented you are, the less this will affect you. When Mars moves into your 2nd house on the 19th, your ambition for a financial uplevel is accelerated. The next day, Mercury stations direct.

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This is good news. As Mercury continues to get right, you can straighten out any cash flow woes. The Sun shines up your 3rd house starting on the 22nd, most excellent for short travels.