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Some folk get cross when they think other people are putting on 'airs and graces'.

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There won't be many other options open to you. Read our community guidelines here. You may not be in a chatty mood but you will have to talk to someone today, if only to find out what they are up to and if their actions could affect you. If you want to write a letter to the editor, please forward to letters globeandmail. Which means you have no reason to let a lack of cash stop you making fundamental changes to the more lacklustre aspects of your life. Anchorage Daily News 57 minutes ago.

Words like 'fake' and 'two-faced' get bandied about. But we all have tensions, and thresholds that pull us in different directions; and we're all entitled to explore who we are, and who we'd like to be. Sometimes, 'being true to yourself' means breaking free of the chains that have bound you since you were a child. As Mars and Venus link today, there's honesty to be found in articulating what's in your heart. These days, the road to Damascus is possibly even more fraught with danger than it was back in the days when St Paul travelled along it.

Yet, back in the first century AD, it was just as possible as it is today, to travel along the route to the city without having an insightful moment, let alone a revelatory one. Fortunately, such instances don't depend on location.

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As Venus and Mars link today, there's no need to worry about the best place to be. Good things will find you wherever you are.

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Each of these is a great author. Yet, despite having devised hundreds of characters between them, there's a limit on the number of people they can invent, and the stories they can tell.

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So, if there's a divine, cosmic writer somewhere, creating every twist and turn in your own personal story, just imagine how talented they must be! As the next chapter of your life unfolds, you can sit back, safe in the knowledge that it'll be a page-turner! What do you need to do in order to get out of a tricky situation? How are you going to find your way to the freedom you crave? Fortunately, you don't have to do very much!

In fact, there's every chance that the less you do, the more progress you'll make.

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As your ruling planet, Mercury, links to Pluto today, it enables you to see the silliness in a situation that's been taking up a great deal of your time and energy. It's time to ignore a source of irritation and grab firmly hold of an opportunity. Why not take a deep breath and shout 'Yes' to the sky!

Don't worry about why you're saying it. There's no time to be lost wondering about that. Rather than spending time thinking about what you're going to do, you just need to make a move.

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In fact, why do you even need me to explain before you spring into overdrive? Aren't you excited and ready for action? Don't be afraid to take your own sweet time today. Readers can also interact with The Globe on Facebook and Twitter. Read our community guidelines here.

Customer help. Contact us. Log in. Log out. Article text size A. Sally Brompton. Special to The Globe and Mail.

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Published March 12, Updated February 27, Published March 12, This article was published more than 6 months ago. Please log in to bookmark this story. Log In Create Free Account. Find your bookmarks by selecting your profile name. Open this photo in gallery. Story continues below advertisement. Related topics Horoscopes.

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Follow us on Twitter globeandmail Opens in a new window. Report an error Editorial code of conduct. Due to technical reasons, we have temporarily removed commenting from our articles. This article was published more than 6 months ago. Some information in it may no longer be current. Make life easier for yourself over the coming 12 months by starting with the assumption that the world is a wonderful place and everyone in it has some good in them.

The way you think as a matter of habit determines the nature of your human experience. Life is good — for you — and about to get many times better. The news you receive this weekend may seem a bit dark but nevertheless you have every reason to look on the bright side. No matter what other people might say, if you focus only on good things then only good things are likely to happen.

This is potentially one of the most exciting times of the year for you, so get your act together and start doing the kind of things you hardly dared dream about in the past. The bigger your sense of adventure the bigger your successes will be. The planets warn you are taking a particular situation far too seriously — certainly more seriously than those around you are taking it. If it does not bother other people why are you allowing it to bother you?

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Published March 12, This article was published more than 6 months ago. Some information in it may no longer be current. Comments. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY. The message of your birthday chart is that you need to get serious about your resources, both financial and.

Think about that and then cheer up. Your best course of action is to ignore what others say and listen to what the logical part of your brain tells you. Avoid wishful thinking. Try not to make any important decisions over the next 48 hours because what you decide now may have to be reversed later on. It would appear that Neptune, planet of illusion, is clouding your ability to separate fact from fiction, especially on the home front where you seem to be on a completely different level of thinking and feeling to your nearest and dearest.

Keep things simple if you can. Be on your guard and take nothing for granted today and tomorrow. Everything is a bit up in the air at the moment and you could easily read too much into a perfectly normal situation and find that it spirals out of control. Keep it simple.