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For example, I have the North Node neither in Aries nor in the 1st House, but when I was working on the Aries North Node chapter I realized that I had problems with self-assertion and some of the other issues that those folks are working out. In the creative process of writing that chapter, something in me was healed and I spontaneously began asserting myself more constructively and being more honest.

And my life became a whole lot easier! When astrology is approached from a level of true open-minded understanding, it leads directly to unconditional love. We are all doing the best we can with the light we have and seeking to overcome our imperfections. The glitches get in the way of getting what we want. We are all in this together.

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Sun sign astrology, such as the horoscopes covered in daily newspapers and magazines, are predictions that take into account only the sign position of the Sun. Full natal astrology takes into account the sign positions of ten planets the Sun and Moon are considered planets in this context, as the galaxy is seen from the point of view of its effect on the Earth , the axis that was active when the individual was born, and several other points: the Nodes, Eclipses, and so on. In the moment you took your first breath, all of humankind—all the people alive at that time—passed through that moment with you.

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Everyone did the best they could to make the moment joyful for themselves, but then the next moment came along and humankind had to handle it—and the next moment and the next, on into the current moment. But the moment when you were born was stamped on the cellular level of your very being, and it remains a part of you. With that connection, you took charge of purifying that moment for everyone else on the planet, and you alone have the power to perfect the moment of your own birth.

Through your own personal life you are essentially altering a moment that occurred in the past, and when you change the past, it changes the present for everyone. Your birth chart provides a picture of the inner wiring you were born with, but what you do with that wiring is up to you. When you can objectively see the patterns of your own behavior, you can make adjustments for more efficient results and better performance.

When any mis-wiring is corrected, the result is a more smoothly operating life first internally, and then externally. For example, if a person knew objectively from seeing the graph of their birth chart that they had a tendency to assume they already know the answers to to assume they already know the answers to everything, and thus become impatient and display a self-righteous attitude that isolates them from others as would be the case if they had the North Node in Gemini or in the 3rd House , knowing about this tendency would allow him or her to consciously take more time to respectfully receive the factual input of others before venturing his or her own opinion.

We all have tendencies that lead to inappropriate behavior and feelings of isolation and unhappiness.

Astrology 101 - Jan Spiller

The trick is to discover our own glitches and empower ourselves to avoid them. With this objective knowledge, we are no longer operating in the dark, not understanding why life keeps giving us feedback that makes us unhappy.

Life is too short to walk around blindfolded. This Guide is predicated on recognizing that you are not just the sum total of your chart. The chart is a picture of your personality structure, but you are the factor that lies behind the chart and have the power to use the personality the energies depicted in your birth chart in any manner you choose.

Whether you allow the personality to operate unconsciously, or you take charge and purify the energy so that life flows to your advantage, is up to you. There are ten different kingdoms inside the personality, represented by the ten different planets used in astrology. We can look at the graph of your birth chart and see that some parts of yourself are constantly battling with other parts, creating all kinds of conflicting energy.

Other parts of you are in total harmony; there will never be a struggle in those areas of your life.

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On an even deeper level, we can see the foundation from which everything else in your personality is emerging. The intention of this Guide is to delve into that foundation, describe it, and make some adjustments to it. These adjustments will allow the energies of the planets to coexist in a more harmonious manner. All you have to do is sound the bugle call of that General, and right away the parts that are warring with each other will drop their weapons and line up behind the General. The parts of you that are at peace and perhaps getting a little lazy will hear the call, get off their duffs, and also line up behind the General.

When this happens, you instantly feel united and centered, and the outer situations in your life begin to change. Most important, your relationship to those situations shifts. From this new vantage point you see clearly what to do, and the action you take will automatically succeed. In your chart, the North Node of the Moon represents that General. In the beginning, doing these experiments may not be easy.

It may even be frightening. Everything in you may resist it. And yet, if you do it anyway, a shift will happen for you. When you ran the experiment, that fear dissipated and you emerged with a new sense of fearlessness and confidence. Nothing happens unless you take the risk; positive action is the remedy for fear. In examining the position of your North Node, you are looking at the basic lesson underlying this entire lifetime. Therefore, the changes may not happen all at once.

Its purpose is to show you how to experiment with doing things in a new way. Yet even in the face of success, sometimes remembering to apply a new pattern takes time. Simply reading the chapter on your North Node will make a difference and start a process of natural change. Practicing the suggestions will speed up the process, but ultimately consciousness alone can make the transformation.

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Spiritual Astrology by Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy

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New Moon Astrology - By Jan Spiller

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